Jane Gilley : Author

My first foray into writing came when I wrote a poem at 7.

Night is drawing in
And the day has lost its din
And while we sleep
The Animals creep
And hunt for food
In their hungry mood

I couldn’t stop writing when I was a nipper. I wrote wherever my pen could make its mark and especially at the back of my school books. The lady who taught maths, in junior school, even asked if I wanted more paper to write on. At 10 my mother bought my siblings and I a guitar for Christmas and so I made up a tune to go with that poem. I loved the rhythms in music and I adored painting and drawing too. I would draw anything with straight lines, like churches or other imposing buildings.

Favourite authors at that time were Enid Blyton and I had every book of Agatha Christie on my shelf.

My mother used to moan when I was madly scribbling all my thoughts down before I forgot anything. ‘Get outside and do something healthy.’ she used to quip, trying to push me out the door. My two English teachers said I should go into journalism, an idea I toyed with.

I wrote and read in equal measure. In reading, it felt as though I had an insatiable appetite for the thrilling escapism and amazing journeys of all sorts of books, whether fact or fiction. And writing became my own journey into the lives of my characters and their situations. I love writing children’s books; I love writing, full stop; I also love the research of both articles and fiction.

My work has been critiqued, articles have been accepted for magazines and local newspapers, my children’s books have been self-published. In 2017 I did two fantastic weekend courses at West Dene College for Arts – Crime Writing with Elly Griffiths and Lesley Thomson and Character & Perspective in Fiction with Isabel Ashdown – each of these successful authors were incredibly inspiring and uplifting and taught me a lot. I always seek to improve my skills and I read lots of different genres.

My children's books include Roodery's Birthday, Thibault Goes Missing, Christmas on Troglodyte Hill - the Troglodyte Trilogy, followed by The Adventures of Solly Polly & Georgie Porgy, The Phantom Puma and finally Maisie's Dream, with which I had a book signing in Waterstones in Jersey in 2008.

Below are my adult books, The Woman Who Kept Everything and The Afternoon Tea Club, both published by Avon Books at Harper Collins. My remaining 3 books are published by Amazon Kindle, The Making of Robert Moony, County Lines Road, Being in Love With You.


  • The Woman Who Kept Everything

    The Woman Who Kept Everything Jane Gilley


    The Lady in the Van meets The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry in this uplifting, funny and moving debut novel about a 79-year-old hoarder who is convinced the world is against her.

  • The Afternoon Tea Club

    The Afternoon Tea Club Jane Gilley


    They say a good cup of tea can warm your heart - but could it be the first step in changing a life? A quirky, uplifting and moving story, perfect for anyone who loved The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and A Man Called Ove.

  • The Making of Robert Moony

    The Making of Robert Moony Jane Gilley


    Robert has no friends. His mother invited herself to stay with him for a few months and has never left. He hates his job and is beginning to wonder what life REALLY has in store for him.

    But his life is about to change in a shocking act of mistaken identity, proving that friends and love can be found in the most unlikely of places...

  • County Lines Road

    County Lines Road Jane Gilley


    Next-door-neighbours, Karen and Terri, have always tried to do right by their errant kinds. But when a simple joyride goes horribly wrong and Tomas and Jodie are captured by a county lines drug gang, they’re not sure who to turn to.

    Dragged away to the gang’s suburban lair will the two teenagers find the strength to escape?

    And even if they do escape, how can they protect their mums and everyone else they love from the gang’s threat of retaliation?

  • Being in Love with You

    Being in Love with You Jane Gilley

    Being in Love
    with You

    As 56 year old Eve buries her husband, Rob, she realises she doesn't love him and hasn't for many years.

    And because he did virtually everything for her she now doesn't know how to deal with their mail, let alone put the heating back on.

    But as she starts to take stock of her life, she finds a letter from him. This letter pierces her soul as she remembers why she stopped loving him. It also heals a growing rift between Eve and her daughter, Emily. However, Eve also senses Rob hasn't left her yet.